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Pega- Our pigeon story!

No gyan, no information in this post, just sharing a story with you all. I am sure many of you would have encountered a bird's egg in your balcony/ varandha/ terrace- so did I!! And oh God how much analysis went into it... So sharing our cute little story of the pigeon 'Pega' who happy raised her children in our match box sized balcony :) I am busy accomplishing my role as a temporary single mother as my husband was travelling for a month for work- plenty of things on my plate! I grabbed my cup of tea after sending kids off to school and was sipping it in my balcony- suddenly i spotted  pigeon happily sitting on my grow bag not scared at all by my presence. I took a closer look and there was an egg!! I am not ready for this and I was furious- why my balcony!! I immediately called my husband- he was so damn against it :P My next stop- google baba.. well nothing much in flavor.. I reached out to a couple of parenting FB groups, and also my Snugbub community. 99% of them