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Why Should I babywear?

Having interacted with so many new parents, I noticed some common concerns parents have which hold them back from from babywearing. That's when I thought it will be a good idea to list down the practical advantages of  babywearing at one place based on the baby's age!  Common concerns parents have: 1. My baby will be clingy: Umm babies till they turn 2, ask to be held whenever they are hungry/ sleepy/ need attention/ not well, irrespective of whether you babywear or not, so please don't blame the awesome tool, thank it, as it leaves your hands free! 2. I don't want my baby to get used to it: Well, as parents we have just too many expectations no? We want the babies to settle down well at the same time we don't want them to be attached to certain things. So I put it differently- you baby loves something and calms down even at the sight of it, why do you want to deny your baby that comfort? 3. My usage will be very limited should I still go for it- W