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Motherhood and the changes in career paths

Why do we all work (work apart from the household requirements)? Multiple reasons: 1. Earning money to buy resources 2. Being a resource for someone as you feel you can value add 3. To do justice to what you have studied so far 4. To kill time 5. To feel good, meet people, interact socially I used to enjoy working in the corporate and continued to work until the previous day of my delivery. But after Snugbub happened I understand, what I was doing was ticking off point no. 1, 3, 4, 5. I was happy but I definitely was not passionate. I was just 'doing what was required/ told' and I was deriving happiness from social interactions more than my work. Like most of the women, I was in two minds when I delivered my babies, preterm, low birth weight, needing more care and attention. Being in a niche team asking for flexibility didn't work. I decided to just take a break, enjoy motherhood and go with the flow. I always had a liking towards babies and now was my time to li

On the Path of New Learnings

“Oh you will fall down” was my reflux exclamation as he started experimenting with his new in line skates, I watched and watched and there he was- skating and gliding and shouting with joy “I did it”. I reflected, oh I shouldn’t have expressed my fear instantaneously and smiled- Self Learning! We need to believe kids self learn, when given opportunities, when exposed to the right kind of environment. It is only small small incidents like these, right from infancy that made us think- “Do we really want to ‘mould’ them in a factory setting without giving them an opportunity to explore and self learn?” And we both nodded no! And that's how our discoveries  about learnings, getting the best out of a child, the importance of play began. Let me share some of the things which we strongly believe make our learning experience enriching! I say ‘ours’ because while we grown ups try to mould the kids and help them in their learning journey, we as parents learn and grow as individual