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Babywearing FAQ

Babywearing is a very powerful tool where babies feel secure and happy and is equally comfortable for the wearers! So if you are a new parent/ expecting parents, you will surely have your doubts cleared on the basics of babywearing. As a babywearing couple, while we are out and about involving our babies in the things we do, we have seen different reactions from the people around! Some are curious, some feel bad, some get really excited, some approach us to know more! As a babywearing educator, here are my responses to the ten most commonly asked questions about modern babywearing-   1. Which is the best type of carrier available in the market? There is no such '√≥ne best carrier''. Each carrier type has its own set of pros and cons. Like you have soft structured carriers, meh dai, wraps, ring sling, onbuhimo etc. Each type has certain unique features; some offer quick ups and downs, some offer quick nursing, some offer a nice high back carry and so on. A lot als