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Poem- My life My rules!

My poem about motherhood and how easily people are ready to judge, comment on what and how you do things in life.. Sigh. I just wish people bring in more compassion in their attitude and try to appreciate what the other person is doing.
You are a CA,
you don't work?
Oh such a shame,
why did you learn? You are a SAHM,
you don't earn,
Oh that's sad,
Musnt't you yearn? You are a mother
So many things to bother,
Well that's life
Your identity doesn't matter! You have BG twins!
That's a win-win..
But why don't you add up
Yet another kin? Your kids go-to school
You have plenty of time
You don't need a house help
Don't you whine! You are a rebel,
New ways you sight
Why can't you just
Obey without a fight? Identity, individuality
Why all the hype?
What, when, how-
Follow the stereotype! All these voices
Echoing around
My path, my ways
Darling I have found.. Praises, prizes, money, fame
Nothing I need
Acknowledge how beautifully
The tree grew from a se…