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The 6 annoying questions..

Relationships.... well they ain't simple and straightforward! We love our people, we love their company. We know, we acknowledge- deep down under there is only one sentiment of well being and love but many times we encounter statements, questions which cross the boundaries/ go overboard and it  hurts you to the core! A woman is bombarded with such statements especially after she gets married and after the kids it just is a different story altogether! I have tried to compile top 6 such statements/ questions which most of us as women/ mothers would have come across (at least in India)! 1. Its been a year you guys are married, we are waiting for our grand children! Well, do we get married only to have children? Marriage is having fun together, enjoying each other's company, exploring places, understanding each other. Is there is a right time to have children? absolutely no, as this decision is no depends on the number of years you guys are in a relationship, but on how wel

I still long for the long drives...

Be it midnight hunger pangs, late night ice cream cravings, or just our way of greeting the rains, we used to be always ready for the long drives and long rides (thankfully we both love travelling else  I would have died of boredom :P)! Well, after having two kids, I did terribly miss all the 'we time' which we hardly get now and it always is a herculean task to strike the right balance between different roles- as a mother, as a wife, as a friend and so on..  Now long drives were more of a juggling task for me and an elaborate assignment of 'what if analysis': What if they refuse to sit in the car seat?: Get extra toys, make them sit in the car seat (In India its not mandatory to use a car seat for babies, we have bought one car seat, and the other baby, until 2 years used to be with me) What if they poop?:Carry extra diapers and wipes What if they puke?:Carry a wash cloth and a burp cloth What if they are hungry?: Carry food, water What if they feel

The 3 switches that eased my life as a woman and mother for good!

Now as I look back, I have no idea how I would have trotted the rocky road of motherhood without the three switches I made in my life! Before the switches, my mornings were always chaotic, hands were always complaining of pain carrying my twins and those five days days of the month were an additional burden, and I would think- why us?? men are truly blessed people on Earth.. But soon after the switches, I have a better control over things, mornings are happy and laid back, and no, the five days are no more dreaded!  So here are the 3 mantras- which have now become an integral part of my life, my support systems, and I cannot imagine switching back to the old methods again! 1. Switch from carrying babies in the arms to babywearing Babywearing is way way beyond being just a baby carrier, its a beautiful way of creating that special bond between you and the baby. Right from understanding your baby better, enjoying some mobile breastfeeding experience, multitasking while keeping

A big Thumbs Up for the Brilrider!

So it all started from the below conversation: He: Kids are loving the ride-ons, lets get them a cycle! Me:Yes absolutely, let me check the options! I do some research and find out from a fellow mom about the 'Balance Bike'.. Now whats this? Hmm did some research and it was in line with our way of bringing up children- 'Give them the right tools, right environment and they will learn themselves- be there to guide them along but no spoon feeding' Me: The BrilRider is for 4k! He: Really? An infant cycle, without pedals, without support/ trainer wheels , it looks overpriced definitely! Let me do some research.. A typical process of buying kids stuff ;) Finally we got one (Luckily at a discount during sale) and voila as expected, my kids welcomed it and came another soon in our house (Ah no fights!) I was in tears (happy tears :)) when I saw my 28 mo son gracefully balancing his brilrider. A moment of sheer delight, pride and surprise! and all those memor

About Us

Hii! I am Prachi, mother of boy-girl twins.. Now you must be thinking ah damn lucky u guys :p But trust me grass is always greener on the other side! Yes its fulfilling but surely not easy.. Well so let me know deviate.. Born and brought up in Pune, I was a very curious kid, more attracted towards different forms of arts. Also lucky enough to have supportive parents, who inspite of their disabilities were actively involved in my learning journey (My father has more than 80% hearing disability and my mother can only see with one eye that too high power) I got to learn classical music, Bharatnatyam, drawing, 'Rope mallkhamb', harmonium to name a few. After my 10th standard there was a lot of pressure from society 'Óh your daughter has scored 90% you have to send her to the science stream', but I enrolled for commerce. Completed my Chartered Accountancy and stepped up in the corporate world! During my studies, I also chose the guy I wanted to marry, and again in a very