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If you can't leave them behind, take them along!

What changes immensely after being a mother is independence- we, mothers, think multiple times even before stepping out to the grocery store/ vegetable vendor/medical store with the kids and we start looking out for easier options- home delivery/ ask a friend to pick up what you need/ online shopping and so on . While these are great options for mothers, today I will share with you how these tasks can be turned interesting and how these can be fun learning experiences for you toddlers! Especially if you are a mother with limited/ no help, I am sure you will find this useful.. As a new mother of twins, and being in a nuclear set up, I started feeling trapped, as the whole day (read it as day and night) would be spent in feeding, changing, bathing my twins, taking them out and putting them to sleep. That is when I decided to cut out dependencies, stop feeling helpless and grow stronger et happier.. What did I do:  To start with, I decided to step out of the house at least once

Healthy meal for your toddler - OPOS way

Who wouldn't agree- A mom who spends minimum time in the kitchen yet has a plate full of healthy and tasty food cooked is the one who is really efficient and smart! To be frank I used to get totally freaked out when it came to cooking for kids, or cooking those 'traditional and authentic' dishes, but not anymore! Ever since I have adopted the OPOS way of cooking (One pot one shot) I look forward to cook different dishes, as I don't really sweat or stress in the kitchen and cooking is fun! Today Ill share with you the three recipes which were an instant hit with my kids. All these are OPOS recipes and I am sure you will enjoy cooking these :) Are you ready to experience the OPOS magic ;)  Today's menu consists of a soup, a main course and a dessert. What to expect after cooking these: a tummy full happy kid :) 1. Caramelised Carrot Soup 2. Mac n Cheese 3. Beetroot Halwa (Beetroot fudge) You will need the below equipments: 1. 2 Litre Pressure Cooker 2.