The 3 switches that eased my life as a woman and mother for good!

Now as I look back, I have no idea how I would have trotted the rocky road of motherhood without the three switches I made in my life! Before the switches, my mornings were always chaotic, hands were always complaining of pain carrying my twins and those five days days of the month were an additional burden, and I would think- why us?? men are truly blessed people on Earth.. But soon after the switches, I have a better control over things, mornings are happy and laid back, and no, the five days are no more dreaded! 

So here are the 3 mantras- which have now become an integral part of my life, my support systems, and I cannot imagine switching back to the old methods again!

1. Switch from carrying babies in the arms to babywearing
Babywearing is way way beyond being just a baby carrier, its a beautiful way of creating that special bond between you and the baby. Right from understanding your baby better, enjoying some mobile breastfeeding experience, multitasking while keeping your baby close and secure, babywearing has become an inseparable part of our lives and I wish to wear my kids as long as we are comfortable with it. 

Toddler babywearing is helping us in many ways, be it comfort during those phases of being unwell, during holidays, hiking, travelling alone with babies, cooking when one baby just wont let you go, to name a few..

I cannot imagine how I would have braved the situations where both the babies needed attention/ to be carried-
1. Visiting the nearby clinic alone with two sick babies
2. Hiking on the highest peak in Karnataka- Mullanyangiri
3. Taking a late night flight alone with my then 2 year old twins 
4. Sailing through those bouts of 'I don't want to sleep mommy' when its way past the sleep time
5. Managing those phases of-We don't want to sit in the stroller but still I want to roam around
6. 'Mumma we want to see what's cooking!'
.... and so on!! Babywearing just gave the mom in me two extra hands to do stuff! 

 2. Switch from sanitary napkins to Menstrual Cups 
The thought of inserting a cup itself was daunting in the first place! Thanks to few mommy friends and Facebook groups that educated me on this, busted all the myths and I was ready to try out the environment friendly option for personal hygiene.. If you ask me its more of a psychological barrier where many women lose the battle with their mind to switch to cups..

Few advantages which I can distinctly list out:

  • Sleep the way you want! Yes you need not worry about stained bed sheets anymore!
  • No discomfort, no odour
  • No frequent changing
  • Easy to clean and reuse, nothing really goes down the dustbin except a few tissue papers may be..
  • Enjoy the rains, take a dip in the swimming pool
  • Wear what you want, whichever colour you like
I bought the cups from Hygiene and You and they have a very simple questionnaire to help women decide the right size of cup which they can opt for.

I would like to stress here, in India, the whole 'periods' topic is still a taboo in many families, you will not find it being discussed easily and openly, and THIS really needs to change, support the lovely ladies in your family and help them to shift. Understand its not a disease, the lady goes trough a lot of mood swings, physical discomfort during these five days, don't torture her with superficial and stupid restrictions like- don't enter the kitchen, don't wear this etc instead make some fresh hot food for her, offer a cup of coffee, hug her, and trust me that's what she really needs..

3. Switch from traditional cooking methods to OPOS way of cooking!

If you enter my kitchen, you will always see my 2 litre cooker clean and washed, that's one vessel I use extensively in my kitchen these days. Rather I don't remember when was the last time I used a 'Kadai'/ wok for cooking! My morning starts from making a dum tea for the family in the cooker and end with a yummy soup or a dessert- yes all made in my pressure cooker!

OPOS is literally- one pot one shot way of cooking, which not only saves your efforts, time but also valuable resources like fuel, water! The OPOS way of cooking uses the principles of Flash Cooking, where food is cooked with minimum or no water, on high heat for a short duration of time. OPOS came to life out of innovation and hard work by Mr Rama Krishnan! 

While I will soon make a separate elaborate post on how's and what's of OPOS, here are some basic things that will help you get started!

What do you need:
1. A 2 litre pressure cooker 
2. Measuring cups and measuring spoons
3. Optional: Timer and weighing scale

How to start and where can you find more help:
1. Join the Facebook group OPOS School: All the 30 lessons of OPOS way of cooking are listed here, please go lesson by lesson to learn the techniques and master the art. You will have a bunch of people to guide you- just follow the lessons first..
2. Subscribe to OPOS Chef channel on Youtube where you will have access to many recipes from varied cuisines!
3. Practise and perfect your favourite recipes
Soon there will be OPOS trainers in different cities in India and abroad to handhold you!

What can you cook:

1. Beverages like tea/ coffee/ sharbat concentrates
2. Subzis (spiced vegetables)
3. Stews/ dal/ soups
4. Rice varieties like pongal, biryani etc
5. Indian sweets like kaju katli, sheera, kheer, sweet rice, halwa etc
6. Desserts like custard, fudge etc
Well this is just an indicative list!

OPOS is a life skill and is very liberating! A true blessing for mothers, working professionals, students staying away from home!

Here are a few dishes I did the OPOS way! 
(L:R- Sabudana khichadi, rasgulla, oats pulav, tomato soup,berry bhapa doi,  chicken biryani, mangalorean prawns curry, stuffed mushrooms)
Do comment if you need any information/ help on any of the three things mentioned above, and I'll be glad to assist you! Cheers :)


  1. Hi, can u suggest a good carrier for my 8 kg 4 month baby. We want a breathable one.

  2. At 8 kg you have many options open, right from wraps to buckled carriers! Where are you based? Cos carrier preference changes from person to person.. in case you want to try out one and then decide I can help you too.. you can read more about my work at I am a certified babywearing educator- happy to help :)

  3. Babywearing was a lifesaver. It was great to be able to have the use of both of my hands again!

  4. I definitely wear my daughter a ton so I can have two hands for my son!

    1. caring for multiple kids is so much easier with babywearing!

  5. Menstrual cups are amazing! Keeps so much out of landfills

  6. I can't wait for your next post on OPOS cooking! I love my crock pot b/c I can add it all in to cook at once. It saves me so much time!

  7. Definitely agree and embrace the first two, and then now I'm super curios about OPOS. It sounds like the sensational instant pot but without the fancy gizmo!

    1. it surely is a life skill ;) will make detail out things in a separate post soon..

  8. im a bit scared about the cups lol but im taking on the idea slowly.

  9. I have been wanting to try a pressure cooker myself!

  10. I've never tried a pressure cooker but maybe I should! Also, baby wearing is so much easier, you can to have free hands!

  11. I love babywearing! It's the only way I got things done when my kids are babies!

    Belle |

  12. Loved reading, opos is a life saver!!

  13. I totally agree with babywearing! You now have two hands free, which is a total game changer, especially when you have two kids!

  14. I really liked the idea of menstrual cups and OPOS cooking. Very helpful post for parents who are raising their kids with no external help. More power to you!


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